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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Three down.

I've already mentioned last week was wacky.

It turns out that as last week was coming to a close on Friday night things went even more haywire than I had previously reported.

At some point this guy came back for another snack.


We were down a chicken.

Then remember my brief mention of the unknown black dog?  Well when we got back from dinner on Friday night we noticed a chicken lying limply near the garden gate.  Yep.  The black dog.  Only Dog doesn't eat live chicken.  He knows better.

When the light of Saturday dawned we saw this:
Ok, so it's not the best picture I've ever taken.  You're looking at a pile of feathers, and the area where a chicken 'part' was (it had been removed by L, this is a family show).  Let's say McDonald's could have made nuggets with what was lying on the front lawn.

Here's a slightly better and more close up picture.

But while I was trying to capture this picture I had to fight off one young boy who's getting quite strong.  Here's his arm wraasltin' me to the ground, or at least trying to make me wobble so I can't get a good picture.

Usually he's all over the need to gather great blog pictures, but this time he was NOT interested and assured me that no one wanted to know about our chicken troubles.

So you'll completely understand this picture which was taken at incident location two.  Could not be taken in proper focus.

All of the white near the garden gate is feather debris.

Further in the distance is the burn pile where the 'bodies' or remnants were placed to rest.  

About 20 minutes after they were placed there J noticed that this gal

was getting some revenge.
I'm pretty sure I heard her say, "I'll show you how it feels to be hen-pecked."

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