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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Grocery Deals 12/14+

Sprouts    pineapples .99, apples .99/lb, red grapes 1.50/lb, cluster tomato .99/lb, onions .49/lb (vs $1 Randalls), yellow squash/zucchini .88/lb (vs 1.29 Randalls), cucumbers .49, red/yellow/orange bell peppers .88, green bells .49, spiral sliced ham 1.99/lb, chicken tenders 1.99/lb, Bluebell 4.99

If you regularly buy ham for sandwiches, you might consider the spiral sliced ham.  At 1.99/lb it is significantly less expensive than deli meat per pound.  Worried you won’t use it all?  Freeze it in increments of whatever equates to a week’s worth of sandwiches for your family.  That way you can pull out a pack of meat each week for the next several weeks and you’ll avoid buying lunch meat maybe into February or March. 

HEB     potatoes 2.77/10#, spinach .87, apples .97/lb, grapefruit 4/$1 (vs .33 Sprouts), blackberries .67, clementines $5/5#, pork chops 1.97/lb, cake mix .88, whole chicken .88/lb

Randall’s    non-spiral ham .99/lb (vs 1.47 HEB), whole ribeye roast 4.97/lb (vs HEB 9.97/lb), rump roast 2.99/lb, Marie Calendar dinners 2.50, oranges .88/lb.
Thursday only: 4# sugar 1.99 (limit 3)

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