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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wacky Weekend +

Things started off a little wacky this week.  And you might find the day that I start counting the week a little wacky so hang in there, but at this point I figure if I start the week early it can end early.  Sorry there aren't many pictures this time either.

On my regular grocery trip to HEB I toured through the meat department only to find those incredibly pricey turkeys from a week ago now on clearance for $0.76/lb.  Of course I bought one and put it right in the freezer.  It will be great in March or April.  Then I read yesterday that they were on sale at Randall's for .59/lb with no minimum.  Figures.

J was singing with his school class in church Sunday morning.  We opted for the early service which meant we were up before dawn to get there on time.  He likes to wake up earlier than he is supposed to which is not like any other human I know, but I do understand it gives him the feeling of being in control of his day vs. the piercing sound of an alarm.

Anyway, since I'm a caring mom, I went into his dark room and didn't want a light to bother him when I woke him up.  He was ready for me to carry him into my room which I did.  Yes, he does weigh 50 lbs, but he holds on and he isn't as heavy as the sack of chicken feed I just carried in last night.  Well while I was walking back to the doorway I got a sudden case of night blindness or something.  I just couldn't see where I was going, but then I felt like I got my bearings so I stared on out the door.

One little problem, I wasn't exactly lined up with the door.  Instead I ran us into the wall.  The good news is that J wasn't hurt, my hand was on his back so it caught a good portion of the upper impact.  However, on the lower portion of things my LEFT knee hit the wall with enough of a thud that L wanted to know what was going on in there.  So much for not waking people up with alarming noises.

Yes, and since it was my LEFT knee you can see how far off from 'right' I was.

A few minutes later J was back in his room to get dressed so he turned on his light.  Then we hear it... "Mom, look what you did!  You are going to have to pay for this.... "

No permanent physical damage to the knee, just a little scratch. Which is truly amazing because I busted a kneecap sized hole in the drywall. I'm just thankful I wasn't six more inches 'out the door' because I don't think the door frame would have been so forgiving to the knee.

Need more wacky things...
We've gotten some wonderful rain here over the last three days and when we got home from church we saw this about one mile from the house:

it wasn't deep, but is the direct result of things just not draining well around these parts.
Then this in our yard

Need more??? There was the poor hen-pecked chicken who was missing so many feathers that she looked like she had been, well, hen-pecked.

Here's another shot of her

Poor dear, look at the back of that neck.  She's not even the gimpy one.  So I have no idea why they were picking on her, but wives, don't hen-peck your husbands.  It's just not pretty afterwards--inside or out.  She didn't want to pose for these pictures, but I made her.

Still more???? Wednesday evening when I went to lock up the coop an enormous blue heron was spooked from her perch on top of the shed by me coming out of gate and well we'll just say that we were both spooked.  That's just not something you expect to see at dusk 30 feet from your door.

Want still more?

I received an email earllier this week with this in the subject line, “Physical Syria Address”.  That’s weird.  Then I looked at the email address that sent the email.  It was from a ‘dasrhoodster’ with a yahoo address.  They were asking for an address on where to return some phones. Uh, I was certain it was spam and I wasn’t going to send them anything, not even a reply asking any questions.  How did they get my corporate email address?  How did they know that I had anything to do with insurance shipments?  I was certain this was terrorism.  Why/How did Big Al get little old me???

I did forward it to my transportation contact to see if he knew anything about it.  He gave me the name of another guy and I sent it over to him.  About 20 min later my phone rang and he was cracking up.  Turns out I MIGHT have jumped to conclusions with the whole Big Al thing.  See he sent the email from his phone, and for some reason it used his yahoo address as the default that time, despite looking me up in the corporate directory and having the basic setting to default to his corporate email address.  Oh and the Syria reference?  Turns out his phone auto-corrected that from Smyrna, where we do in fact have a warehouse and where he really did want to return the phones, but yes… he needed the address from me.  oh.  oops.  Perhpas I'm a little sensitive this week.

Thursday evening when we got home Only Dog was running an unfamiliar black dog away from the house.  AND there was a baby scorpion on L's pillow.

Oh and I had a dream that Missy was back the other night too.

See, I told you it was a Wacky Week.

1 comment:

Cindy Bultema said...

Loved reading about your Wacky Week! Thankful for your rain, and glad to hear your knee is ok. Thanks for sharing your fun highlights! :)