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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Another 'Tough' Texas Winter

I know some of you out there in blog land are in the middle of winter.  Frigid temperatures, ice, snow and all of the other special things related to the coldest season, though apparently not five blankets on your beds (just sayin).

This evening we got home before dark, partially thanks to the days getting longer (yea!) and partially because I left work in just the 'right' window today and there wasn't as much traffic.  So instead of jumping into dinner prep right away I joined J outside as he sped around on his tricycle treating it as a scooter.  Bicycles are not permitted here, but that's another story and it's not mine to tell.

During our hike Sunday evening J mentioned that he just wanted to lay down in the green grass of where we hiked.  Tonight he did just that and while he was busy relaxing,  

you know for all of two seconds.

It dawned on him.
Hey, I can make a snow angel, but it's not really a snow angel, it's more of a clover angel. 
So he did.
Need more signs of winter?  He and his friend had a clover-ball fight Sunday afternoon too, but I didn't capture that on camera.  It's just like snow, but a little more difficult to get out the stains in the laundry.

Those of you in the Northern hinterlands, did you notice his short sleeves?  We put the shorts away (again) in favor of long pants, after all we had a cold front come in last night.  And that my friends is how we 'survive' winters in Texas.  

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