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Friday, January 13, 2012

It's Getting Lonely Out Here...

Isn't this a beautiful sunset?  I stopped on the drive home and snapped this, knowing it wouldn't be this pretty when I drove the remaining two miles to the house.
J was very concerned about whether or not we'd be holding up traffic what with me stopping in the middle of the road and all.  We didn't.

In fact we didn't see another vehicle driving on the road, the rest of the way home.  Mr.S was at his gate, but he was out of his truck so that doesn't count as traffic.

The sky was still nice when we got home, but after I changed clothes and started working on supper I looked out the window and was captivated by this...

and then this

But, my camera was just not capturing the magenta like I wanted it to.

But I kept trying....

Then I checked in on these girls, who are starting to feel alone.

Three more chickens disappeared Wednesday.

We have no idea what took them away, ate them or otherwise caused them to not be roosting with us anymore.  And L only found one feather of evidence, just outside the fence.

The good news???? J exclaimed as we got home, "At least my two favorites are still alive!"

Egg production is definitely going to be off.

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