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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Only the Lonely

A week in review....
Last Friday night was the last time anyone (including a couple of neighbors) saw Only Dog.
Yes, he looks like he just lays around, but since he was a stray who came to stay/live at our house 3+ years ago he is actually a 'man about town' in our neighborhood.  He takes/took himself on walkabout twice a day.  Usually he'd check in with several of the neighbors, including walking half a mile through a pasture to check in with how things are going at K's brother in law's house.

In the evenings, as we were heading home from work, we regularly saw him near the water tower two miles from the house or somewhere along the road.  If he saw our car, yes he knew our cars, he would turn around and come back home.  He never missed a meal and always spent the night at our house on or near this pillow.

There was not even a tuft of fur left in the yard.  At least the last batch of chickens left a feather.  There was no evidence of him anywhere that we could see on our place.

When I talked to B the other night she suggested we might have a  chupacabra eating everything.  I'm starting to wonder, and also starting to wonder if I should let J play outside.   

Instead, we are watching to see if he comes back.

But so far, nuttin. Perhaps that's just the tough life of livin in the country.

These two chickens

welcomed these four chickens late Monday afternoon.
They apparently have heard about what happens to chickens who wander too far from the coop.  Because these four girls are sticking close to home on their second day with us.

If you're curious, and I'm certain you must be, these new girls are a different breed of chicken than the ones we've been buying.  They are definitely taller, if one chicken can be taller than another.  These are New Hampshire Reds which is what eventually was bred into the 'nearby' Rhode Island Red.  I'm really hoping that whatever has been eating the previous chickens dislikes the taste of Yankee chicken.

When I went to the chicken farm and was taking the tour I came really close to bringing home the black and white chicken that lays blue/green eggs, but the guy said my neighbor D was headed over there to buy that one in a few days, but maybe next time.  Have you picked her up yet D?
Thanks to D we paid a few dollars less per chicken.  My cost per dozen eggs just keeps going up, but this isn't a Frugal Friday post, so I'm ignoring the costs at the moment.

You might have noticed the green 'grass' in the yard.  Yes, it is winter.

This is clover and it is coming up everywhere thanks to some wonderfully rain and a few 75 degree days every week.  The red cow and her baby are just not keeping up in eating it all down.  It is wonderful to see green again after the very brown and dry summer.

Finally,another project that I started and thought I could show some good progress on and provide a little positive news to an otherwise disturbing post.

I'd like to say that I remembered to take pictures at more stages, to show how things came together, but I didn't.  I was too excited while sewing things together to remember to get up and get the camera.

It's time for my favorite part, the quilting, to begin.

Until next time...
Only the lonely
Dum dum dum, dooby doo wah....

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