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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

I hope you had a great start to 2012 with whatever you chose to do today.

This is the first year that I didn't start out with a 'diet' or 'give it up' mentality.  Oh that doesn't meant that there are things I need/should give up or stop doing, but instead of focusing on those things, I thought hey the ways I've tried things before hasn't worked so to avoid the insanity cycle (doing the same thing and expecting different results) maybe I should do something differently.

That got me to thinking about what to share with y'all, my loyal blogger fans.  Instead of giving things up, I thought about what could I do differently and maybe add.  You know accentuate the positive, sort of approach.  Turns out the sermon last night was about that too; how can you bless someone in the new year and not just in the first three or four days, but all the way into March, June or September.

Here are a few things and two will be regulars on my blog, thanks to T.  T is my Marketing Director, thankfully she works for a very small salary (if you call bupkus a salary); see I told you there was a staff.

The first idea is not mine at all, but I'm excited to do it because I am not very good at coming up with bible verses when it seems like I should have one at my fingertips or to share with someone who needs one.  Maybe you have this problem/issue too???  So Cindy is hosting an A to Z memory verse challenge for 2012.  I was excited that I did actually know the first one.  Hopefully the gobbledy gook of code (I'm not the IT director) I pasted in below comes out looking really cool and like the nifty button she has on her site.

She Sparkles Scripture Memory Challenge 2012

<center><a href="" title="She Sparkles: Scripture Memory 2012 - Come Join Us!"><img src="" alt="She Sparkles Scripture Memory Challenge 2012" /></a></center>

OK, four tries later I'd like to post a position I just created on our staff for IT Director.  It will be at the same amazing salary as our Marketing Director, because I don't want to create hard feelings--wait maybe it will.  Oh what is that verse where the people who worked all day in the vineyard are ticked that they get paid the same as the guys who showed up at the 11th hour???

Please do your best to find Cindy's link--her address is on the bottom of the button.... Good grief!  She has the IT position filled already....

On Tuesday's I'd like to offer an organizing tip (Tip Tuesday--does anyone else love alliteration???), I jotted a few down to get me started.  I read one from a friend who lives South of Houston, but haven't asked her yet if I could share it---if you're a Yankee (that is really a Mets fan) and you pronounce Houston as How-ston just to irritate me I think that makes her a SoHo resident.  ha ha.

Wednesday's will still be menu and grocery ad day.

Finally, on Friday's we'll have 'Frugal Friday', but those probably wont start until sometime in February because I haven't thought of many of those to share just yet and it keeps the alliterative F's going.

However, if you have Tips or Frugal ideas you'd like to share with us, feel free to send them to me (post in the comments or via email) and we'll work on getting them in the line up.

What sort of 'resolutions' or good ideas do you have for the 2012?  Oh and J told me the other day if you wanted to say the year you should say it two thousand eleven, because that sounds 'right'.  But that it's going to sound so much better to say twenty-twelve than it did to say twenty-eleven.  I think he might have gotten bitten by the alliterative arthropod as well.

1 comment:

Cindy Bultema said...

Happy New Year my friend! I'm so glad you will be joining us for the Memory Verse Challenge. I was thinking of you and J the other day, thinking if there was something fun I could make you for your car ride with the verses. I bet J can think of something fun (I love the way he thinks!). Thanks for sharing the challenge here on You, More Organized!
God's richest blessings to y'all :)
Cindy :)