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Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Counter Intuitive Mess

Today is Saturday, chore day and this week I had quite a list running around my head every time I walked through the house I would see another 'thing' that needed to be done.  Even walking around outside I would see a thing or two that needed attention.  Why is it that no one else sees these things?

J has his own list these days...
so he was not available to help.  I did try to Tom Sawyer him and his friend into washing my car, but to no avail.  They were on to me pretty quick.  L laughing in the background let them know they had made the right decision.  

Back in the summer L purchased a large bottle of car washing soap for his motorcycle, because unlike Dawn it will not strip off all the layers of wax that he works so diligently to apply.  Recently that bottle of car wash soap was moved from the porch into the kitchen by the trash can.  It wasn't empty, just out of the way, but it had a leak.  I thought well I'll get my car washing rag, wipe up the soap, clean that little bit of floor and use those towels to get my bucket of suds ready.  

Good news.  I found the leak in the bottle, and naturally it was right at the bottom.  Bad news, yes.  But before I could try and figure out what to do and where else to put the soap the bottle slipped from my hands and crashed to the floor spilling about 85 ounces of soap all over the kitchen floor.  I'm not exaggerating about the 85 ounces either.  

How do you clean up liquid soap?  The first thing you do walk around in circles a few times.  That was from the indecision of how exactly to get started.  I used a few hand towels and got a big portion of it up and went outside and put those towels in the bucket.  Then I threw down a few more towels and warned everyone that the kitchen floor was officially slippery and I went out and washed my car.  

It has a nice shine to it, don't you think?  

Next up was going back in with these towels and making many passes at the floor until it was almost white. 

Well, I know it doesn't look all that clean with all the concrete stain mottling, but trust me it is a near blinding white.  

I considered adding 'clean kitchen floor' to my list, just so I could check it off after my 20+ minutes of effort, but I didn't.   

Really why should soap be SO messy when it is designed to be so clean.  

1 comment:

Donna Menke said...

I'm guessing that women just have better vision and are genetically superior to men in being able to 'see' things that needed to be done.
Darn it.