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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Weekly Menu 10/5+

Two weeks ago Sunday I prepared a beef roast in my Dutch oven that was seasoned by HEB.  I picked it up on a reduction of some sort and think I only paid $1.50/lb for it.  I tossed it right into the freezer when I got home and this week I pulled it out when I was ready to prepare it.  Cooking the roast was very simple since it was already seasoned with Texas rub, I did add an onion and some beef broth.  The leftovers were put aside for Thursday evening.

Monday was a super quick and easy meal; Italian sausage meatball subs.  Remove the casing from Italian sausage and form dime sized meatballs.  Place meatballs on an olive oil coated pan and bake at 375 for about 15 min. Heat some jarred spaghetti sauce and I served over leftover hot dog buns topped with mozzarella cheese.  I could have fixed a salad, but I didn't.

Tuesday was supposed to be grilled chicken, but it wasn't.  I cant really account for what we ate that night, but the chicken didn't get prepared until Wednesday.

Thursday I cooked about 1.5 cups of frozen mixed veggies.  While that got started I cut/shredded the leftover roast into bite sized pieces and combined it with a package of brown gravy mix to make super fast beef stew, adding in the veggies when they were finished cooking. There was just enough of this to almost make lunch for one of us

Friday's are begger's cant be chooser's night around here, mostly because I'm tired and don't want to cook.  I'm pretty sure people ate something.  Even if they didn't I can attest that no one starved to death.  Oh now I remember.  It was raining (YAY GOD!) almost all day Friday and L and I shared a pizza for lunch.  I brought the leftovers home.  See I provided a solid solution.

I'm liking this real life version of what's for dinner.  C & J already provided some feedback that I've incorporated.  Feel free to let me know your opinions too.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"no one starved to death" - that is as real life as you can get.

Preach on preacher!


Sr. Mary Margarita