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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Weekly Menu 10/12+

Two weeks ago Sunday I prepared this delicious Peach-Whiskey BBQ chicken, that was so good, J didn't even realize it was chicken.

For those of you who know of J's poultry ban, this is really saying something.  I've also been cooking so much extra food lately that I purposefully only prepared a half recipe of this dish; of course we could have eaten three times the amount I made.  It was great that it baked in the oven for over an hour while J and I went for a walk with our neighbor.  He's working on his marathon kids and K and I just like to talk and walking makes me feel justified in all the talking I do.

Monday  hmmmm

Tuesday we had somewhere to be at 6:30 so I rushed home, and cut up a link of sausage and browned up the edges, made buttered noodles, heated up some canned carrots and canned spinach.  We ate and rushed back out the door.  

Wednesday Sunday I got a few pieces of boneless chicken started in a marinade of teriyaki sauce and pineapple tidbits in their juice.  I was hoping to get the good flavor of Steak and Ale's teriyaki chicken, but it definitely didn't come out quite the way I had hoped.  I also served a bit of sauteed yellow squash, which is now coming out of my ears thanks to the cooler temps and wonderful rain.  I heated up some leftover rice, from I don't remember when, but we forgot to eat it so I put it back in the fridge.  It's probably time to feed that to the chickens now.  :S

Thursday L went to a retirement party and I was still full from lunch so I fixed J a fish sandwich.  Two frozen fish fillets on a grilled hamburger bun, two slices of American and tartar sauce.  To round out this very healthy meal I also added tater tots to the toaster oven tray.  

Friday J asked for spaghetti, which is very uncomplicated.

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