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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Frugal Friday--Stop Reading Store Flyers

Back in the day (15 years ago) when we used to take the Sunday newspaper my favorite ad to look through was the Target flyer.  There was always some great deal that prompted me to head on over to the store and take advantage of it.  And it was common that I would spend $30-$50 each week on 'necessities'.

Then one week we did something different, something that kept me from my normal routine of paper and ad reading on Sunday and I never got around to looking at the Target ad that week.  I didn't even miss what I hadn't bought.  Yes, I'm sure there had been good deals, but apparently I didn't 'need' any of that stuff.

After a month I had saved over $100 because only the things I really needed were the items I was actually buying.  The next time the paper subscription came up we even stopped that, saving even more money.

If you have a habit of checking all the ads for things you need, my challenge to you this week is to stop.  Just don't read the Macy's ad, don't look at what Amazon recommends for you this week.  Who cares what other people are buying at Sam's or Costco.

If you have 'daily deals' delivered to your inbox set up a rule that 'auto deletes' them.  If you are really looking for something you can always find it in your deleted folder, but you won't be tempted to look, and you also won't have to slog through all that extra email to find the email from a friend, the forwarded amazing time lapse flower video, or a useful blog post.

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