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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Frugal Friday--Make it Harder to Shop Online

Online shopping is wonderful.  I find it to be a bit like year-round Christmas.  Brown paper packages (not tied up with string) arrive at my door/gate and I always get my favorite things.

I have logins for Amazon, Dillards, Land's End, just to name a few of my most common shopping sites and I do not have to look up my login account information anytime I want to order from these sites. I do try to make a habit of putting things in my cart and walking away for a day or at least a few hours before I make a purchase.

One thing I did not do on these sites is save my credit/debit card number.  Yes, there is the security risk with that option, but my real goal is to make it a little harder on myself to make a purchase.  I have yet to turn on one-click ordering on Amazon, because I want to make myself pause and go and find my debit card number and type or at least paste it in before I make a purchase decision.

At one point a few years ago I did have my entire 16 digit credit card number memorized, but thankfully I got a new card and purposefully did not memorize the replacement.

I know one person that stays far away from ebay because that desire to 'win' took over for a little while a few years back.

What sort of tricks do you use to keep your online purchases down or at least a little under control?

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