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Monday, November 7, 2011

Distress. Diorama. Diminutive.

Very early this morning just as the sun was coming up I was awake, no doubt thanks to the time change and my body thinking that it was already 7am.  I was still in bed when I heard the pitter patter of J's feet headed into my room.  He was there to report that something terrible had happened.  The tooth fairy didn't make it last night.  Honestly, the very first thought I had was to whether or not there was a hurricane in the gulf.  It had worked once before with C when there had been a 'delay' with the aforementioned fairy.  Sorry if that's a surprise C :). 

Such things are very distressing to boys who work so long and patiently at getting their teeth out that they manage to shed no more than a single drop of blood with each exiting tooth.  This is also the same boy who can suck a lollipop down to the stick without biting it.  Said tooth popped out pre-10am Saturday morning, so by the time bed time rolled around, it was LONG out of my memory.  

This level of distress required personal parental investigation.  Thankfully the tooth had fallen down above the head of his bed and since it clearly no longer under his pillow this was a very logical explanation for why no money had been left.  Whew.  

Desert Diorama.  
This was almost solely his project.  He needed help with a few things like spray painting the black sandpaper to a more desert-y color.  Also knowing the need for salt dough to hold the real live pieces of cactus upright.  
It was one of the best dioramas I'd seen in my years, and I didn't even help very much at all.  huh.

After the diorama was safely in the car to dry and make its way into school tomorrow J headed over to the coop to pick up eggs.  He was cracking up when he came back to the house.  Here's why:
One of the new chickens must have laid her first egg.  Isn't it just the cutest thing?  We thought so too.  Yes, it does have a little crack in it where it got 'bonked' on the way out of the coop, but he was so excited about it, that it is also going to school tomorrow to show the science teacher.  She'll love it.

Did anyone else have a D-filled day?

1 comment:

Laura Laase said...

The money can also fall between the headboard and mattress or even off the bed altogether depending on how much flouncing your child does. You can definitely look there if it isn't in the usual spot.