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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Grocery Deals 11/16+

Sprouts blackberries .99/lb, gala apples .99/lb, oranges .99/lb, pears .99/lb, asparagus 1.49/lb (vs 2.64 HEB), red/white/yellow onions .49/lb, celery .77/lb (vs $1 Randalls), red bell peppers .77, tomatoes .77/lb, avoacados .77, green beans .99/lb (vs 1.29 HEB), broccoli .99/lb, boneless chicken 1.77/lb (vs 1.97 HEB)
HEB             grapefruit .50, apples .99/lb, pears .77/lb (vs .99 Sprouts), sweet potatoes .20/lb (vs .49 Sprouts, .16/lb Randalls for yams), shoulder roast 2.97/lb, ham 1.57/lb, pork sausage $2, bacon $3/lb, legs/thighs $1/lb.  HEB ad runs through 11/24 (Thurs) this week and there will likely be no grocery ad for next week. 
Randalls        turkey .49/lb ($35 minimum), NY strip 4.99/lb, rump roast 2.49/lb, ribeye roast 6.99/lb, cross rib roast 4.99/lb mandarins $5/5#, yams (if you can tell the difference from a sweet potato) .16/lb (vs HEB .20), BlueBell 3.99

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