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Thursday, November 17, 2011

A few thoughts on the Thanksgiving Ham

If spiral sliced ham is important to your Thanksgiving meal I’ll ask you to consider this option that I recently noticed.  HEB has a deal currently where if you buy one of their fully-cooked spiral sliced hams you can get a ‘free’ turkey. 
Of course there is a limit that the turkey must be less than 12 lbs to be free.  IF a 12lb turkey is good enough for your family, great.  Also consider that the lowest priced turkey I’ve seen with no other restrictions has been $0.69/lb.  So if you got an exactly 12 lb turkey you would save a grand total of $8.28.  Those savings would have to offset any ham that you might purchase. 
I noted that the HEB spiral sliced ham, the one in the fancy wrapper, with the cup of ‘maple’ sugar attached to make the glaze cost 2.99/lb.  On average the hams weighed 10 lbs. 
Then I was wandering through WalMart and noticed that the non-fancy foil-like wrapper spiral ham cost 1.88/lb.  You miss out on the glaze of course, but you could also save $11.10 on that same 10lb ham.  Which by the way would more than offset that ‘free’ turkey you received. 
So if you don’t need a fancy piece of mylar wrapped around your ham, you could save $1.11/lb. 
If you were willing to bake your ham, HEB has those for $1.57/lb.  It is not a complicated process and only requires placing it in a pan and turning on the oven.  Oh you do have to do some math to figure out how long your particular ham needs to bake so that it gets cooked all the way, but that is calculated on weight and is available on the internet here or here or in a general purpose cookbook. 
Be wary of the tradition of lopping off the ends of the ham the way you saw your grandmother and mother do that.  Someone had a small pan back in the day and it doesn’t actually make it taste better.  J

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