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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Grocery Ads 11/30+

Sprouts announced yesterday that they will be closing three (Anderson Ln, Brodie Ln, BeeCaves) of their six Austin locations.  If you have a chance to go by one of the stores that are closing you’ll find everything marked down 30%, but the regular sale prices will not apply there.  The Anderson Ln store had a lease expiring at the end of the year and they chose not to renew it with the Great Hills location just a mile or so up the road.   This is a great opportunity to get the unique ingredients that you might not otherwise want to splurge on.  The last store closing I went to I picked up several jars of artichoke hearts, olives and a specialty mustard, in case you were wondering. :) 

Sprouts in Great Hills, Round Rock and S Lamar will remain open.  Here are their ads for the week:  Blackberries .69 (vs .97HEB), grapefruit .49, pears .99/lb, apples .99/lb, red grapes 1.50/lb (vs1.77 HEB), avocado .69 (vs .88 Randalls), roma .69’lb, squash & zucchini .77/lb, red/yellow/orange  peppers .77, cucumbers .49, green bells .49, grape tomatoes 1.50/pt

HEB:  zucchini .77/lb, organic potatoes 1.97/5# (one of the dirty dozen), apples .97/lb, clementines $5/5#, blueberries 1.97, pork ribeyes 1.97/lb,
My favorite ‘new’ item of the week?  Microwavable potatoes, washed and ready to be cooked.  Uhhh, all potatoes are microwavable, but thanks for the special packaging.

Randall’s  pork rorast 1.29/lb
Friday only $5 each: wild caught lobster tails, 5# clementines

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