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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Frugal Friday--Shopping at Home

It has come to my attention that the sagging shelves in my freezer have had enough.  I've been finding so many 'deals' over the last few weeks that I need to stop buying and let my usage catch up a little more.  

It's not that I haven't been cooking, but I've been in 'stock up' mode more than usual.  

The pantry isn't in quite as overloaded.  I know there are some good snack foods in there because J hasn't mentioned this in a while, but he's been know to say that there is nothing in there but ingredients.  

So I thought I would encourage everyone to take stock of their pantry and find those odd little bits of ingredients you know the can of artichoke hearts that you picked up because you were going to have people over and wanted to make spinach artichoke dip for; but didn't.  

The tiny jar of pimentos that you picked up for.... for.... who knows why you picked that up, but maybe you could find a recipe that used those now.  Of course they are pickled peppers so they aren't likely to go bad, but how many pecks of peppers can a gal pick?

You know the odd shaped pasta that never seems to get used?  Next Tuesday might be a good day to work that in to supper.  

Perhaps you haven't done a freezer inventory in a while and have no idea what is really in there.  

See if you can plan an entire week of your cooking, even if you only cook once or twice a week, surviving only on what you can concoct from what you already have on hand.  

By shopping at home you'll spend nothing for an entire week and have the ultimate frugal week.

I think I'm signed up.... 

...Except that we're almost out of milk.  People get a little cranky around here when the plastic cow goes dry.  

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