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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Man Down

Well it's not an actual man.  It's not even a human.  I'm sad to report that we have lost our first chick.  

An unidentified body was found Monday evening at approximately 5:30pm. No autopsy is planned, we can only assume that he succumbed to the cold.  His little body was no where near the heat lamps.  He was disposed of in a private ceremony and the tag was not removed nor noted prior to burial and I wasn't curious enough to go and see.  

In other news.  If you are wondering what will become of #47 who lost his tag... I learned he will not be allowed to make it to the show.  

His wing bulked up so quickly, no doubt from too many steroids,  that he popped his tag and it cannot be reattached.  After all the negative press with Clemens and Armstrong over the last year the commissioners are really cracking down on chicken doping.

It was too cold for pictures the last two days.  


Anonymous said...

The entire "chicken doping" scandal was fabricated by the Chick-fil-A cows.

Anonymous said...

Too cold for pictures? Yeah... our high for Monday is to be 25 with a low of 9. "Picture" that.