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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

J's New Peeps

Well they are finally here.  We picked them up this afternoon.  

J's new peeps have arrived.  

25 baby chicks.  

We are supposed to keep them alive for eight weeks, show them on March 2nd (which just happens to be Texas Independence Day), then 'process' and finally eat them.  Though I was just informed that we will be keeping six to 'play with'.  

These are broilers, not layers so we won't be overrun with eggs during our eight week project.  

This could be one wild adventure. Some things we have been told so far... 

Be sure to walk your chickens several times a day.  Walk a chicken??? Yes, so they don't grow in a deformed way.  

You will want to feed them all the time and make sure they don't sleep.  Because sleeping chickens aren't eating chickens.  

Keep them at about 98 degrees while they are little.

Make sure there are no corners in your coop, because the chicks will suffocate each other.

Well the good news is that since your coop is made out of hardy-plank it won't catch on fire.  Uhhh, ok.  So warm, but not hot.

So far we have shown them where to find water...


and the all important food...
I'll keep you updated on how it's going.  I'm hoping to post a picture every day so you can see how fast they are growing.  A few ounces to 11 pounds is what we are expecting.  

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