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Monday, January 14, 2013

Tip Tuesday--Laundry Room Redo

Nothing like the New Year to get you fired up about reorganizing some of the spaces that have perhaps gotten away from you over time. 

I've heard that Spiffy Sue had her home office redone by a diligent daughter.  And that it looks wonderful.  

For me the laundry area was starting to get out of control.  See even c knew that behind those doors was a mess.  
and look he was right!
Really the vacuum attachments hanging by two bent coat hangars was like that for far too long.  

And when was the last time you think we used this relic: 
If you guessed 1998, you'd be close to right.  Our video camera is really cool. it tapes on these small mini cassettes, and then it pops into a convert that makes it a full size VHS tape and that goes... oh, no one has VCRs anymore???  Right, we all just use our phones for video capture now.  

So I put it in the giveaway pile, which is probably where it should have gone ten years ago.  

So a bit of cleaning, ok a LOT of cleaning, and some purging and rearranging.  And this feels and looks so much better.  
I'm thinking of painting the back wall Aleutian Blue.  I happen to have a sample size of that color in the shed.  Perhaps I'll post an updated picture... 

What sort of projects have you taken care of this year, or want to start?  

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Spiffy Sue here. Yes, my home office looks fabulous and I couldn't (wouldn't) have done it alone. Thanks CalCo! My papers were stacking up everywhere partially because I didn't make time to deal with them and partially because I didn't have any room in my filing cabinets to store the important ones I wanted to keep. I purged papers from as far back as 1995. I really didn't need the menu from the Chinese restaurant that closed ten years ago. I saved menus for a while, o.k. years, so I could make notes about which items I liked, which items I didn't like, and why. Like the camcorder, I do that digitally now in a spreadsheet. Truth be told though, save a New Year's Eve tradition of ordering Chinese take-out to go with a slew of board games, I haven't been to many restaurants lately so the old menus were even more irrelevant, if that's possible. I am happy to report I did not keep a single one!