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Monday, January 7, 2013

Tip Tuesday--Christmas Cleanup

I hope everyone has had a great Christmas season.  We had LOTS of fun and a few adventures too.  
A visit to the Capitol: 

A very chilly visit to Aggieland where the only building that was open was Koldus parking garage.

For those of you who still might have a few things 'up', I learned a new tip from J.  She is not to be confused with the J who lives at my house.  

You might know her as the mother of c. 
Got it?  
No, we don't normally have our couch in the dining room, only when 28 people come over for lunch.  

J, C & c visited over the holiday break and we had a great time, especially once c warmed up to the fact that his parents had brought him to yet another new place with a different set of people to get used to.  By day 3 he was rockin and rollin... and ready to sweep the town. 

Since I am not one for housework,  I of course appreciate everyone else's efforts to the cause.  Yes, I promise to eventually get to the 'tip'...

There was even some horseplay going on at my house....  

Not like the stuff that went on at school before Christmas break where J told me A & B were horse playing in gym class and caused the 3rd grade to lose all their hard earned extra recess time.  Because A was acting like a horse and B was pretending to ride her; you know horseplay.  

I just want to say it is hard to keep a straight face when these things are reported to me.  

Anyway, because 'all the boys' were home on last Saturday night, L got the brilliant idea that J and I (aka the women) should take down all of the Christmas decorations before the end of the evening and even before the New Year.

His brilliant idea centered around him not having to schlep all the decorations back up into the attic, because our able bodied off-spring were home and could take care of the chore  the task for him.  

Good multi-taskers that J and I are, we continued with our baking and other-tasking and also started taking all the ornaments off the tree.  Then when we got to the lights, J said that we should 'ball them'.  

This would keep them from getting tangled on themselves and be easy to un-ball next year when the tree went up again.  So if it's not too late, you can try this too.  

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