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Monday, September 5, 2011

Between the Lines

Given all of the news stories I thought I would post an update on how things are out here in the sticks.  Thankfully they are still sticks and not cinders, at least near us.

We could see smoke all around us all day today.

There were what appeared to be three fires, the big Bastrop one (those are not clouds, but smoke from 30 miles away low on the horizon), then there was one in Cedar Creek (on 21 about 20 miles away less intense smoke going straight up on the left), and while I didnt get a picture of it, there was apparently one about nine miles away near 183 and 21--be sure that I SAW the smoke.  That one was one we were watching with the most interest, but even the smoke was not coming near the house, it was however north of us, and therefore cause for some concern.

Two of the neighbors went to investigate when we saw that smoke and then they reported back when it seemed it would not be an imminent threat.  Then the bulk of the smoke went away.

This line of smoke out to the west (just at the tree line), could have been that fire, or it could have been one of the fires out in Western Travis county near Steiner Ranch or Paleface.

Pray for those who have lost everything, and for those who have been displaced to have patience as they wait for news.

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