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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Grocery Deals 9/21+

HEB             chicken breasts $1/lb, St Louis pork ribs 1.97/lb, pasta $1, green beans .77/lb, corn 3/$1, gala apples .97/lb

Randalls    roast 50% off (no idea on price per pound), pork loin 1.88/lb, red grapes .99/lb

Sprouts      cantaloupe .77, peaches/nectarines/plums .77/lb (vs 1.47 HEB, .99 Randalls), pears .77/lb, oranges .77/lb, gala apples .99, roma tomatoes .39 (vs HEB .77), avocados .39, corn .49, bell peppers .49, red ones .77, onion s.49/lb (vs HEB 1.39), celery .77, broccoli .99/lb, cauliflower .99/lb, Colby jack 2.99 (bulk cut), chicken tenders 1.88/lb, chocolate raisins 2.99 (yum), pitted prunes 1.99/lb.  I only include the prunes because it gave me reason to type out this fun little song.  I’ll sing it for you sometime if you want. 
No matter how young a prune may be, he’s always getting wrinkles. 
A prune-y is just like his dad, but he aint wrinkled half so bad.
Now we get wrinkles on our face, but a prune-y gets them every place.
No matter how young a prune may be, he’s always getting stew-ooo-ewed.
(Clasp your hands together and speak into them)
Little pit inside that pru-en, is it night or is it noo-en?
Whatcha doin, pru-en?  Stewin?  Hmmmmm?
What??? No takers?  Ahh, that’s ok I’ve made some of you sing…I know who some of my readers are.

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