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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Re-purpose to Re-organize

As promised, I did take on the next organizing challenge in my kitchen.  This time the area to be controlled is the lunchbox and water bottle area. 

It’s chaotic, I know.  I live with it, because I don’t have to look at it every day.  I really only go in there about once a week. Except for the first Monday of school that I forgot to pack lunch for poor little J.  You'll be happy to know he didn't starve and while I didn't get a confirmation email saying that he got to eat, he said he did get to eat.  Whew. 

You might notice there are a few ‘extra’ items here too.  Doesn’t everyone keep their heating pad in the kitchen?  Well if you are making your own yogurt you would.  The sad part is that after multiple failed attempts and a random successful attempt I have stopped making my own yogurt.  The good news is that I got the heating pad from K a number of years ago because she had a spare and was looking to pare down her ‘stuff’. 

The coffee grinder is used for grinding spices, seeds (flax/sunflower) or other grains when you need things a little finer than their natural state and it's not ever used for coffee.  The great thing about this grinder is that K found it for me at a thrift store for the whopping price of $1. 

So why did things get so out of hand in this cabinet?  I blame it all on the water bottles; they are top heavy and tip over for no reason. 

I found a plastic bin in another part of the house that didn’t have anything worthwhile in it.  In fact I donated every item in there, except one!  The bottles fit in this bin perfectly. 

I’ve organized in 8-10 people’s homes over the last year or so and found that every single one of them has at least one extra bin that they could put to better use.  Some people have more, but that’s another post.  Ha! 

I culled out some of the pitchers and bottles we never use anymore. Don't worry, the Larry Boy water bottle made the cut and did not get donated.  

Put things right back in and viola! 

Wondering why you don't see the LB bottle?  it is actually laying down behind the bin to keep the bin from going too far in the back of the cabinet.  

A much more respectable cabinet.  Total time spent… 20 minutes.  

Next week... excess chargers and old cell phones.  Anyone?  Anyone?  Thought so.  See ya back here Thursday night.  

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