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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Today I rushed home with great anticipation of watching the Missy round-up.  Preparations were made to address last week's busted up boards.
Here is the first thing that went up: 

Please don’t be alarmed that the sheets of plywood don’t match up.  

Honestly, despite the 110 degree temps, it was the first thing I thought of when L asked for me to help Sunday afternoon.  My actual thought was, “You aren’t going to leave those pieces of plywood misaligned like that, are you?”  

I was proud that I kept my mouth shut, but he must have sensed the tension my OCD radar was putting off because within about a minute he let me know that this was just a temporary fix until the cows were properly down the chute.  Then he would be taking the plywood off the posts and putting the plywood in the shed.  I took a breath and the radar went back to standby mode. 

You know how when you are waiting for the phone to ring, it doesn’t? 
Remember the last time you anticipated something really exciting and then it sort of fizzled out before it really happened?
You get a good seat ready to watch the action

And then

Nothing happens. 
No one comes to pick up any cows.  No one even comes to pen them up.  

It’s like that boy in high school you were certain would call, but never did and your mother wouldn’t allow you to call boys… and well that’s what happened to me today.
I waited, but nuttin.

As far as I know, Missy is still here plotting, planning and watching for the trailer.  

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