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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Frugal Friday--Free Fun Stuff To Do

One of my dedicated readers J who is always searching for fun things to do sent me the following: 

I came across a website that you might like:  It has all kinds of things to do for free in Austin with the kids over the summer.  Enjoy!

Also, the Round Rock Express is having “Pink at the Park” on June 21st for Breast Cancer Awareness.  The players are wearing pink jerseys which will be auctioned off at the end of the evening and I hear the bases are even going to be pink.  Use code “pink” when ordering tickets to get a discount.  A portion of each ticket sold goes to the Komen foundation.

This year’s Zilker Summer Musical is “The Sound of Music.”  Starts in July and runs through mid-August (Thurs-Sun) at 8 or 8:30 pm. 

Yes, it is hot, but if you swim in the springs first you can make it through.  You'll be chilled to the bone when you leave the pool and you'll be happy it's hot on the west facing hillside.

But if you are thinking I don't live in the Austin area.  Try googling/google-ing/googleing 

(sidebar... how is it that Google does not yet consider themselves an action verb that the spell check inside its own application doesn't like any of the words everyone already uses?)...

Try doing a google search for your city, I checked out a couple of reader's cities or larger metro areas and found some options that looked promising. 

And if you are thinking I don't have kids, well there are still fun things to do that are more geared more for adults.  No surprise to the Austin crowd that many are centering around live music, like Blues on the Green or Music at the Bob.  

Also J didn't mention, but they are on the list she links to, that the bowling alleys in town all allow kids one free game per day, and if you ever wanted to be cold in the summer here, bowling alleys are where that is sure to happen.  You can hang meat in those places (Oh and Dart Bowl enchiladas... yum).  I'm always happy to walk out into the summer heat after being there a couple of hours because you barely notice that it's 140 degrees in your car.  

Plus there are all manner of places to swim and a good number of them for free.  One summer I tried to see how many different pools we (the boys and I) could swim in.  I got a little creative inviting ourselves over to friends who lived in apartment complexes and the like just to increase the experience.  It was fun visiting with different groups of friends and mixing it up from the same ol' everyday pool across the street.  

So see how many ways you can find to have fun this summer.  

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