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Monday, June 11, 2012

Tip Tuesday--Candle Extraction Made Easy

This is a continuation of our series of great ideas from Girls Club almost a month ago now.  This week's idea comes from Marketing Director T who likes to burn a lot of candles.  I'm pretty sure she doesn't burn them at both ends.  That honor belongs to a different person--St is guilty of that these days.

I'm not much of a candle burner myself so all of this info is from T.  I can't ever remember to light them or that I even have them.  Then there is the issue that I don't like a lot of extra smells in the house; good, bad or otherwise.

T says that one of the things she likes about candles are the neat containers that they sometimes come in.  And she likes to reuse those containers with a new candle, but getting the last of the wax out has been a bit of trouble for her until she discovered that she could put them in the freezer and in 24 minutes or 24 hours later she can pop them out.  She says it really depends on the candle/container combination and there seems to be little rhyme or reason to which ones don't take much time and which ones are more involved.

But after you have rescued a favorite container she likes to come back with some sand in the bottom of the container and then place the candle in the sand so that it looks like this...

Then after you burn it down to the end it looks like this...

and then when you are ready to switch out the candles clean up is no issue at all and you can avoid the guessing game of 24 minutes or hours.

Plus if you are having company over and want to change out a partially burned candle for a fresh one she says you can make the switch in a super easy sort of way.

So there you have it!

All you candle lovers out there, go and put this to good use.

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