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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Few More Weird Items

Tippi Hedren would be twitchy if she were here.

There are all manner of fowl starting to feel a lot more comfortable around here.  Last week I reported on these guys

feeling very content sitting on the porch, when they have never really done that before and certainly not en masse like this.

Every evening around 5 we have been seeing a turkey hen go to the local watering hole.  Apparently she got rip roaring drunk on Friday night because when she was done drinking she stumbled along (ok she walked) over to the ash pile where we had J's birthday bonfire (what? not every kid has a bonfire for their b-day???) and she took a roll around in the ash.

Then, exercising her moxie, she took a stroll right through the yard; about 15 feet outside the living room window. The black stripe is one of our porch posts, so it is supposed to be there.  I think she was casing the joint.

Saturday morning first thing, one of the newer chickens decided that she wanted to learn to ride a bike.  I think she was tired of crossing the road on her own two feet and thought the bike might be safer.

but since she couldn't figure out how to make it work, she moved on.

Then we found this egg in the coop.
This picture doesn't quite do it justice so let me try again while comparing it to more normal eggs...
The shell just never hardened.  It didn't come out with all these creases in it.  I've been pushing on it over the last couple of days myself to see how much I could push it in without breaking it.  I finally gave up and fed it to the wanting group waiting outside the door like a bunch of vultures.

That's some of the weirdness out here.  It's nothing like my mom's disappearing Dove ice cream bars, but that's another story entirely, or is it??? Personally, I'm starting to see a connection.

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