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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy First Day of Summer

As you might imagine it's been plenty hot already here.  We've been enjoying our red-neck pool nearly every day.  Yesterday was one of those days that we didn't jump in, because it was too cool outside at only 84.  We decided that two days of only 80 degree highs would make the water too cold for us thin-blooded types.

While we watched the weather, I know there is little point in it this time of year, but we'll call it a habit; the weatherman noted that in one minute it would officially be the summer solstice.  Hooray for summer!

Then while we were enjoying the cool evening L discovered five eggs in the flowerpot next to our chairs on the porch.  So I took one and did the thing that you can only do on the day of the solstice....

I tried with the other four eggs, but this was the only one that would stand up.  Then after I decided the picture would look better with grass in the background I wasn't able to stand this egg up again.  Perhaps the earth already started shifting again... I don't believe for a second that this egg was a fluke.

As I was putting J to bed though he was lamenting a little that it was still so bright out and I tried to explain it was just because it was the solstice and that it would start getting darker earlier again beginning tomorrow.  Then I tried to explain how in Alaska the day wouldn't get much darker.

So, dear readers, especially you non-Texans, would you please leave a comment that says what state you are from and what time the sun goes down tonight and then what time, if any, it gets officially what you would call dark.  More than just street/yard light dark, but really dark.  If I remember we'll do the same thing for the winter solstice.

Doesn't this sound like great science project data?  I don't know if we need one of those this year, but we can certainly start gathering data.


Donna said...

Well, since we live just a mile apart, it was about he same as at your place. Hubby says it was at 8:45.

Anonymous said...

We played outside yesterday until 9:26 p.m. (Michigan)...Stephanie