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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Big Momma's House

Last week I posted about the 5'2" visitor we had in the coop.  And L no longer has a philosophy that every good snake is a dead snake (I'm less certain of this policy, but I am not in charge of these issues, and don't want to be either) unless it is poisonous or in the act of doing something that it shouldn't, like heading into coop for a snack.

This week Big Momma showed up.

Thankfully it was L who found her.

He was in the coop to pick up eggs and found Big Momma with her mouth on an egg about to down it.

She was busted!

So he came in and said get your camera, we have another snake.  Isn't he just the most thoughtful guy?  I think so too!

He got it into a spot where he could take proper aim.  She didn't think to much of that idea.

Then the body removal... 
The we did the measuring. I had the option of standing on the head or pulling the tail.  Neither really appealed to me, so I stood on the blade of the hoe and he pulled on the tail to straighten her out.  
Five foot even.  
You can even see some of the snake spit on one of the eggs, and then her blood on another.

Now there is a wooded egg in the coop.  At least if there are children, or  third cousins once removed or uncles they will at least have indigestion working through the wooden egg.  

How much is a wooden egg you ask?  A wooden nickel of course.  

1 comment:

Cindy Bultema said...

Oh my! Never a dull moment at your place! Thanks for the photo recap!