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Friday, June 22, 2012

What Sort of Visitor is 5' 2"?

Who is 5' 2", has brown eyes and dark skin?  And came to visit under the crescent moon?

Friday night I went out to lock up the chickens and as I moved the angled board that keeps the door propped open all day I saw him/it.  Well at least the first foot of it.  

I pretty much went squealing like a little girl into the house where cooler heads prevailed, mostly because there was chocolate ice cream involved.

But if you guessed a big chicken snake earlier, then you were right.  The first foot of him was headed in for a snack, and the other four feet were wrapped around the far side of the coop.  

L says we can't have chicken snakes in the chicken coop, which I was thankful to hear.  Snakes in the coop have been my #1 concern about having chickens since they first arrived.

So he, the snake, not L, went to swim with the fishes tonight.

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